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The Arts Society


I am an accredited lecturer for The Arts Society, and also lecture in person and online to other specialist and general audiences. I offer a range of lectures and study days on different themes relating to British art. My lectures include:

  • Now You See Us: Women Artists in Britain, 1520–1920. An exhibition at Tate Britain, 16 May–13 Oct 2024.

  • The Baroque country house

  • Making sense of portraits in country houses

  • Queens, consorts and courtiers: Female art patrons in late Stuart England

  • A Village in Heaven: Stanley Spencer's Cookham

  • The people and portraits of Stanley Spencer's final years

Study days include:

  • British Baroque: an exploration of how Britain adopted this magnificent and courtly style

Study days can be tailored to your interests, on request.

"Yours was one of our best talks.  It greatly enthused our members, who emerged hugely energised at the end, full of praise.  You pitched it at exactly the right level and put it over with great authority."

David Howells, Chair, Art Friends Warwickshire

To enquire or book a lecture or study day, please contact me using the form below.

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